Narada NESR48100 Lithiumion Battery



Narada NESR series LFP batteries are widely used in residential energy storage, small UPS system, photovoltaic off-grid base station, etc. It has excellent charge-discharge performance, long service life, high safety and reliability with portable modular installation, which is suitable for 19-inch cabinet or stack installation.

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Parameters NESR48100
Nominal Voltage(v) 48
Nominal Capacity(Ah) 100
Nominal Energy(Kwh) 4.8
Discharge Current (A) (Max.) 100
Charge Voltage(V) 54±0.5
Charge Current (A)(Recomm.) 20
Charge Current (A)(Max.) 100
Typical Weight(kg) 40
Dimensions(W/D/H)(mm) 442.5X440X133.5
Status Indicators SOC/RUN/ALM
Communication Ports CAN/RS485
Communication In Parallel 16
Switch Available
Operating Temperature
– Discharge
Max: -20 ~ 60°C,Recommend: 10~35°C
– Charge Max: 0 ~ 60°C,Recommend: 10~35°C 0~40°C
Storage Temperature 0~40°C
Humidity 5%~95%
IP Level IP20
Scalability Up to 76.8KWh (16 groups)


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