CSR of Narada

CSR Of Narada

Narada is joining incredible significance to acting socially and earth capable in the entirety of its exercises.

For this it regards and jam the workers’ privileges and cultivates their proceeded with progress with different preparing programs and related exercises.

It is likewise completely dedicated to create, keep up with and apply socially worthy practices in the work environment as specified by the International Standard SA8000 for Social Accountability.

Narada CSR Report

The CSR report describes Narada’s economic, social, and environmental activities for the year. Financial data in the CSR report are based on the financial reports of Narada.


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Environmental and Health Assurance

NARADA has passed the review for ISO9001 quality administration framework, ISO140001 climate the executives framework, ISO18001 occupation solid wellbeing the board framework and SA8000 for social obligation and clean creation.

In the present society it’s unrealistic to deliver excellent items without an all around prepared labor force and naturally solid offices. We give assets on wellbeing, security and ecological insurance

Regulatory Compilance

A portion of the guidelines that administer fabricating plants differ among states and regions. Regardless we put forward reliable natural objectives for air, water and waste just as worker wellbeing and security principles for the entirety of our offices. Now and then our objectives are more severe than guidelines.

Community Relation Ships

To procure the trust of individuals in our networks and the admiration of controllers, we step up in speaking with them. We have countless dynamic local area connections, for example, Chamber participations and climate improvement programs in where our offices are found.

Education and Training

Our representatives get preparing when they join the organization and they additionally get progressed preparing each year from there on. The preparation tends to specialized ability as well as natural consistence, crisis reaction and security techniques just as human relationship abilities that upgrade correspondence, collaboration and drive. We have seen enhancements in various regions because of our preparation.

Plant Supervision

We don’t keep an eye out for controllers to thump on our entryway and examine our offices. To keep our plants at top administrative execution we have our own group of bosses. They assist with guaranteeing that our natural and wellbeing rehearses are set up and the objectives are being met.

Narada is resolved to agree with National Emission standard of poisons for battery industry-GB 30484-2013.

Narada rigorously authorizes public specialized details for word related wellbeing surveillance-GBZ 188-2014.

As a kind of perspective of analytic rules of word related constant lead harming GBZ37-2002, Narada advances continuous word related wellbeing and security training for all representatives and offers all specialists full actual assessment one time each year.

Narada puts forth a concentrated effort to forestall word related sicknesses and gives workers defensive attire, covers and other security apparatuses.

Key Management Performance Review

These audits are based on the conviction that what gets estimated gets improved. We have our own exhibition guidelines, for example, worker blood lead levels and wellbeing assessments. Chiefs are investigated month to month on their status, progress and needs. The outcomes are tended to at a gathering.

About Narada Foundation

The Narada Foundation, founded on 11 May 2007, may be a charity approved and supervised by the Ministry of Civil Affairs of China, with a registered capital of RMB 100 million donated by the Shanghai Narada Group Co., Ltd.

Mission: Foster Civil Society

Narada Foundation focuses on social problems stemming from China’s economic transition and provides grants for outstanding philanthropic programs conducted by non-profit organizations (NPOs) so on foster social innovation and promote social equality and harmony

Vision: Every Heart Shall Carry Hope.

The design of Narada Foundation’s logo comes from the gingko tree, which is legendary for its vigorous vitality and is taken into account as China’s national tree. the brand of gingko leaves graphic shows a tenacious image of the growing non-profit organizations in China also as Narada Foundation’s persistence in promoting grassroots philanthropy. this easy and stylish graphic adopts a warm color and an open crown to convey the caring that Narada Foundation gives.

Organizational Culture

Our Values

Prioritize public interest/ Public interest takes precedence over any direct or potential interest of companies or individuals.

Prioritize sector development/ We actively answer the key issues and important needs of philanthropic sector, giving priority to the interests of this sector.

Rooted in civil society/ We are dedicated to supporting social innovation of grassroots NPOs; this makes the idea for our existence.

Pursue leverage effect/ we attempt to expand influence on society by maximizing the efficiency of our grants.

Our Culture

Objective-oriented/ By specifying objectives, we will think outside of the box but follow the proper track. We are pragmatic and innovative.

Service spirit/ The mission of our foundation goes beyond simply providing assistance to our grantees. We also serve grassroots NPOs and therefore the philanthropic sector.

Respectful/ We trust partners, cherish their time and efforts, and supply the funding and services sympathetically .

Tolerant of creating mistakes/ We allow mistakes within the foundation and funded organizations. Learning lessons from mistakes results in organizational growth and innovation.

Life-long learning/ rather than being satisfied with existing answers, we discover and investigate issues from new perspectives and explore solutions that address fundamental problems.

Take on risks along side social innovators/ Entrepreneurial spirit, which are a concrete embodiment of our sense of justice and pure passion, is additionally one among the characteristics and cultural wealth of Narada Foundation.

Narada Scholarship

Narada has been cooperating with several universities to award Narada scholarships to those outstanding students who lack funding but who are motivated to devote themselves to science and technological innovation.

2013 Public Disaster Relief Collaborate Conference

During the general public Relief Collaboration Conference in 2013, variety of participants shared their experiences in how a public disaster relief operation should be started and carried through. Also topics like information tools utilization and the way to coordinate the operation were discussed. This conference gave a frame for future public relief.

Narada Scholarship

As a big donor Narada has made large contributions and helped many individuals and units, like welfare homes for youngsters , schools in poor areas and remote mountainous counties, lonely elders, disabled persons and people in need of care and help.

Narada union delegates are visiting elders of no family to reply on

Children are having a class in a welfare center.