Strong in R&D

· Narada is setting a weighty accentuation on battery R&D so to create new items and open up application
fields for optional batteries.

· This R&D exertion upholds Narada’s Lead Acid and Rechargeable Lithium battery business as likewise exercises
in battery frameworks designing.

· These exercises are done in the primary R&D focus in Linan and at the Lithium battery creation office in Linping,
both found near Hangzhou.
· A sum of 215 people (2014) are occupied with this movement with more than 30% of them conveying experts or
PhD degrees.

· So to keep in touch with Academia and mainstream researchers everywhere, Narada is facilitating a few outer Chinese
and unfamiliar researchers, specialists and advisors at its offices.

· This aides, with “out-of-the-container” thinking, in figuring new item systems and tackling creation and quality issues.
CNAS Accredited Battery Performance Test Laboratories
· Narada puts high worth on having the option to perform battery capability tests for the two its institutional and
business clients.

to ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and China National Accreditation Board CNAS-CL01 prerequisites (CNAS L4860).

· Lead corrosive and Lithium batteries are tried by both Chinese National(YD/T and GB/T) and International IEC principles.

International Standards for batteries and battery frameworks.

Battery Materials Test & Equipments

· Rechargeable batteries require an exact and solid transaction of material for the capacity of energy and their
activity in the field.
· The exploration labs of Narada are furnished with best in class hardware to help its investigates to absolutely
characterize and advance the numerous materials and mixtures utilized in battery configuration, assembling and

Technical Achievements

· Narada has protected innovation rights for its center battery and battery fabricating advancements and has
been conceded numerous Science and Technology Progress grants.
· The patent arrangement of Narada envelops more than 90 licenses covering developments, utility models and
plans of electrochemically dynamic materials, cells, batteries and battery stockpiling frameworks.