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The LSP range of VRLA batteries can provide outstanding cyclic performance and longer service life for high temperature .This robust design uses the latest AGM technology to create a range that is suitable for many app…

12V/2V, Cycling

ICS series, name of Intensive Cycle Service, is 12V front terminal cyclic battery. With innovative layout design and high quality manufacturing, ICS series provides high cycling and fast charge performance,

12V/2V, PSOC, Cycling, Fast charg

REXC series, under name of REX Carbon, is lead carbon battery developed from REX series. Combine world advanced lead carbon technology and REX VRLA technology, REXC lead carbon battery extra-long cycle …


2V/12V, High temperature, Cycling & floating

313K(HTB) series, under name of 313 degree Kelvin, series is High Temperature Battery. With 8 exclusive patented technologies, 313K series provide excellent deep cycling capability in high temperature. 313K series help …