Our Values, Vision, Mission

Our Values

Collaboration, Innovation, Commitment, and Customer Orientation. These are the fundamental beliefs that characterize Narada culture and guide us in our everyday work and in the manner in which we oversee the business, which we will bring to our representatives, accomplices, and clients – a steadiness that is limited by trust, advancement, and execution.

We commit ourselves to make more incentives for clients in the most ideal manner to win on the two sides!

Our Vision

Narada has consistently got a desire to turn into an amazing pioneer universally of the orderly battery answers for telecom, energy stockpiling and rationale power.

We accept a spotless, sound and economical world will come to fruition when an ever increasing number of individuals are engaging with natural awareness to together adapt to the disintegrated everyday environment. Narada has since a long time ago imagined the appearance of an amazing failure carbon society and with increasingly more E-vehicles just as sustainable power sources are applied into this world, we have an exceptional chance to lead this change and further develop our day by day lives over and above anyone’s expectations previously.

As a significant provider of battery for worldwide telecom, energy stockpiling and rationale power, Narada is currently engaged to investigate its maximum capacity all together that we all could profit with a sterile climate, where we have no more tension except for full assumption for each excellent tomorrow coming to us.

Our Mission

Narada persists in providing various solutions and products under sustained development with optimal quality, ceaseless innovation, faith-oriented spirit, and great satisfaction from customers’ side, in order to realize the social worth benefiting the entire world.

We are committed to continuously create more concrete values for our customers, stockholders, employees as well as the whole society by means of those following important principles:

∙ Guideline of value:

Thorough choice of material, sensitive production, state of the art innovation, and earnest assistance

∙ Guideline of wellbeing:

Individuals chief, the law focused on and anticipation first to develop a comfortable working condition

∙ Guideline of climate:

Commit to the reasonable arrangement in agreement with nature and ecological security

∙ Guideline of comportment:

Be a dependable corporate resident with high respectability and uprightness, noticing guidelines

∙ Guideline of social commitment:

Profoundly regard and affirm the advantages of workers, and devote to consistent development